A cost efficient device that enables people in developing countries to create a unique identity. The device is then used for voting, remittance, energy trading, access to healthcare etc.

Using Blockchain and AI

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Jane Thomason, CEO Abt Associates speaking about IDbox.

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Why Identity is Important

Developing countries and the Poor

Being able to prove their identity with a unique Blockchain record will be game changing for poor people (particularly women and children). It can help them gain access to fundamental human rights, government services, micro-finance and micro-insurance.

To put this in context, this device can help the 1.5 billion people around the world who cannot currently prove their identity. Worldbank


Blockchain allows for the verifiable and permanent storing of information on the globally decentralised Blockchain database in a way which is secured from tampering and revision. This makes Blockchain suitable for recording identity data. The identity data remains in the ownership of the individual who is able to provide permissions as to who can see what data for what purpose and for how long. Blockchain records can be used to establish an identity where no state identity exists or can be used.

Low cost basic technology

The device relies on the individual’s access to a basic analogue mobile phone and has the potential to work in areas where there is no electricity, no internet and no smartphones. This makes the service easily accessible.

Potential uses

Identity is at the core of basic human needs – financial inclusion, remittances, health and education services, elections and much more. IDbox has the potential to be used in humanitarian emergencies in remote poorly serviced populations areas. It can also ensure that cash transfers and donor funds reach the intended beneficiaries directly, cutting out middlemen and fees. Most poor populations are not in well serviced areas – and a solution that can provide ID without electricity, internet and smart phones is ground breaking.


IDbox raised a significant amount of money to run two pilots. One in the Southwestern Pacific and one in South America

Consensus 2017
IDbox finished in the top 5 out of 85 competitors.
Fintech London 2017
IDbox won the competition and raised money to run a PoC in Papua New Guinea.
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